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Download: Download Horizon Ver. Horizon easily lets you extract and inject content in to your Xbox hard drives.

For example Horizon will let you extract your Xbox save games so you can mod the save and then inject it back in to your console to enjoy unlimited money for example. You don't need to worry about the game ID, simply drag and drop. Perfect for newcomers to Xbox hacking and modding. No matter what your skill level is, Horizon for the Xbox is the one stop tool for all your Xbox usb modding needs! Rick , Feb 12, Joined: Jan 4, Messages: 2 Likes Received: 0.

I have been trying for at least 1 hour now to download this but every time I try it says it can not connect to server please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! InsaneNutter , Jan 4, Or I'll forget something, or make a mistake. A great source of joy and frustration roleplaying as a non-Vault Dweller means that while I have to use the Pip-Boy or modded Pip-Pad to manage my character and inventory, I can roleplay not having it at the start of the game, meaning some vaults are inaccessible to me until I find a suitable roleplay reason I've acquired that access or technology.

Do you have any favorite characters? Favorite moments? I actually started an Imgur gallery to track some of my better screenshots, and so my Twitter threads don't melt any more phones. A low strength character with melee weapon traits. A Brotherhood of Steel member who hates power armor. An Institute member with an Intelligence of 1.

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Contradictory setups are always fun to think through. My favorite character is one who is still alive but unplayable because my Fallout 4 version and modlist has changed too drastically for me to reload that save file. I had a Minuteman General with a lot of hand-built settlements.

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I had settlements specializing in various crops, water purification, I had laid out routes for transportation via trucks and vertibird fueled by natural gas from a Glowing Sea outpost. I had a lot of spreadsheets going and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

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Some of my favorite moments are just unexpected, perhaps even buggy, things that trigger a sequence of events that make you re-evaluate what you're going to do. Most recently I had a run where I had revived Nora [one of the potential Sole Survivor starting characters], from Vault and we stumbled across Billy Peabody—a ghoul child trapped in a locked fridge.

I talk to him and fire at the fridge door, breaking it open. At this point the quest is supposed to have Billy get out, and you can talk to him about reuniting him with his parents. Apparently either I accidentally hit Billy with my gunfire, or firing near him flagged him hostile, or some bug occurred, but he turned hostile. Nora immediately senses this and kills him before I even registered he had turned hostile and died right in front of me.

What the hell, Nora?

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Are all pre-war people like you? You just killed a kid! There was a lot of moral space here, about whether your character is or is not okay with that and Nora's reasons for her actions. Was it just reflex? Does that mitigate what she did? But the short version is we went back to a settlement and I dismissed her.

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In this tweet you mention random events. How do those work? Any fun examples? A lot of the time I'll make things up on the fly. Why am I walking around in full raider armor and everyone knows I'm not a raider?

picsneckberceitheg.tk New Vegas had a disguise system but it was not particularly useful gameplay-wise and was not leveraged much in-game. I think the sneak system being pretty overpowered in the Fallout games is a likely contributor to why disguises aren't super high priority. Hitman-style Fallout would be fun, though. In general I don't tend to roll for custom events like "Raiders ambush you! Although one time I was escorting a mobile APC full of gold bars and on the way to secure it I got into a firefight with a Gunner outpost and rolled that they had radioed their headquarters so they knew where we were and what we were doing.

A missile hit the APC and I rolled to figure out how long it would take to repair. It all ended with a massive firefight at The Castle. Because fighting over gold never changes. My brother has actually mentioned this to me in the past and from what he says it does seem very up my alley, but I'm pretty deep into Fallout at this point. I love the retro-furturistic backdrop, I love the brand of humor, I love the lore, and honestly I'm just very familiar with Fallout 4 and modding at this point.

Do you have any tabletop RPG history?

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I don't really have any tabletop gaming history, no. I actually learned about Warhammer and roguelikes after starting development of Steam Marines, so I did get to watch some people play Space Hulk. I don't have anything against tabletop games, it's just that my circle of friends never really had people who were interested in them.