Mac os x update rubygems

Unless you are determined to take this approach, using RVM or Homebrew is a much better choice.

Installing Nokogiri - Nokogiri

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Installing from RubyGems.org

These installation instructions are mutually exclusive. You may experience problems if you partially follow one procedure, then try another one.

Fixing the Broken Gem Update Chain on Mac OS X 10.5

Make sure you undo any steps you performed in a procedure before attempting another. Source your shell configuration only necessary in the window you used to install RVM :. Remove your local Gem configuration, if you have one or move it out of the way :.

Verify Asciidoctor is installed and you can execute the asciidoctor command:. Troubleshooting MacPorts. First, update the version of RubyGems installed on your system.

Highly recommended. By opening a new shell window, these start up files are executed and the new PATH definition takes effect.

How to Install and Run Ruby on Mac OS X

If the command is not found, then update your PATH variable accordingly. For example, you can update your. Download and install Ruby Installer for Windows.

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The installer already includes RubyGems. Be sure you use the Ruby-enabled command prompt window when you later install and use vmc.

From a terminal, use the yum command-line tool to install Ruby and RubyGems. Install Ruby like shown below:. From a terminal, use the yast command-line tool to install Ruby and RubyGems. Install Ruby and RubyGems like shown below:.